Stand Up to the Bullies: Say NO to Trump’s Deportation Machine!

Deporting millions of people isn’t cheap, and it isn’t easy.

That’s why the Trump administration has been trying to bully police and county sheriffs all across the country into doing immigration agents’ jobs for them.

They’ve tried to deny funding to “sanctuary” jurisdictions. They’ve wildly misrepresented the law, accusing those who refuse to round up and jail people on civil immigration matters of “harboring criminals.”

Last month, with “Operation Safe City,” they targeted Massachusetts simply for respecting a decision from our own Supreme Judicial Court. Fifty of our neighbors were arrested in this political stunt. And now they’re pushing to penalize “sanctuary” jurisdictions (and do many other terrible things) as part of any deal to save the Dreamers.

Enough.  We need to take a stand for Massachusetts values and the rule of law.

Tell legislators to pass the Safe Communities Act ASAP!


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