Ask Congress To Support the Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act S.296/ H.R. 2150

The United States is facing a serious shortage of health care professionals. We have an aging population, and we're simply not training enough health care workers to meet growing demand. By 2030, Medicare eligible seniors will make up over 20% of the population and there are not enough physicians to care for them all.

Non-physician health care professionals such as Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physicians’Assistants (PA) play increasingly critical roles in the delivery of our nation’s health care and often serve as primary care practitioners for Medicare patients.

Federal law needs to be modified to authorize non-physicians to certify Medicare beneficiary eligibility for home health services and ensure access to vital home care services in rural states and communities.



Contact your member of Congress to solve this crisis and support the Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act.


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