Action Alert! Tell Congress to keep churches from becoming Super PACS


UPDATE: In case you missed it, on Thursday, December 14, the Senate Parliamentarian ruled that, under the special rules of the Senate, repealing the Johnson Amendment could not happen in the final version of the tax bill, which both houses of Congress are expected to pass this week. 

While this is great news for the Secular Coalition, and while we are so grateful for each one of you who took action and voiced your concerns to your lawmakers, our fight is not yet over. 
As you may recall, the House included a repeal for churches in their version of the 2018 Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) appropriations bill. This bill then became a part of a much bigger appropriations bill (called a megabus), which passed the House earlier this year. 
Now that the tax bill is behind them, House and Senate leaders will re-shift their attention to the budget and work to come up with a final appropriations package. 
We still need to ensure that the final appropriations bill does not contain any language that would threaten, repeal, or alter the Johnson Amendment. 
As you can imagine, the religious right was dealt a major defeat when the language was stripped in the tax bill. Not facing such a ruling from the parliamentarian on the appropriations bill, they will be doubling down to make sure the language that they wrote will be included in the final appropriations bill. 
We need you to contact your Members of Congress and tell them to oppose any Appropriations riders that would undermine the Johnson Amendment.



*The Johnson Amendment prohibits all nonprofits, including houses of worship, from meddling in partisan politics while receiving taxpayer subsidized benefits as a nonprofit. Since houses of worship are the only nonprofits that aren’t required to submit detailed financial disclosures to the IRS, repealing or weakening the Johnson Amendment would effectively turn churches into Super PACS. We cannot let this happen.

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