Tell your Representatives to vote NO on Right to Try!


Despite the catchy name, “Right to Try” only offers False Hope. It fails to give patients any right to access drugs or devices, and allows companies to sell potentially ineffective or harmful investigational products to the public without any legal, medical, or financial protections for patients.

It’s a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

We need better treatments for breast cancer and other diseases. But passing federal Right to Try legislation isn’t what will set us on the path toward new treatments that are less toxic, more effective, or more affordable. It’s legislation that puts patient safety at risk and undermines the FDA’s authority to regulate drugs in development.

The Senate already passed the dangerous and misleadingly named drug access bill known as "Right to Try" (The Right to Try Act of 2017, or S.204). A similar bill on the House side is imminent, and stopping it in the House is our last defense.

You can help stop False Hope and protect patient rights by taking action right now.  Any version of a Right to Try bill that weakens drug regulation and puts patient safety at risk is a bill that doesn't truly put patients first. Your Representative needs to hear from you now! Email or call today and tell them to vote "No" on Right to Try.


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Many thanks to our friends at Treatment Action Group (TAG), who are partnering with us on this action.

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Hello, my name is [your name] and I'm calling to urge [Representative's name] to vote "NO" on Right to Try legislation. 

As someone [explain how you’ve been affected by access to experimental drugs or why you care drug and patient safety], I do not support any version of Right to Try. This misleading legislation offers nothing other than false hopes to patients and their families and would harm patient and drug safety by removing FDA oversight and any medical, legal, or financial protections for patients.

I urge [Representative's name] to oppose Right to Try. Thank you.