Urge your Senators to block Scott Pruitt from leading the EPA!
Since our founding, we’ve worked to stop cancer before it starts by seeking to eliminate toxic chemicals in our environment—in our water, air, food and products we use daily—that increase our risk of breast cancer and which can interfere with breast cancer treatments. Everyone in the U.S., especially those with the least resources, depend on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to protect us from significant environmental risks where we live, learn, work and play.
That’s why we’re outraged that President Trump has picked Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA. Rather than protecting us from the toxic chemicals linked to breast cancer in our environment, Pruitt has shown time and time again that he puts corporate profit before public health.
Here are some of the ways Pruitt’s confirmation would threaten the health of women living with and at risk of breast cancer:
  • He opposes health and safety regulations to protect public health, leaving us all at risk of toxic exposures which increase the risk of breast cancer and may interfere with breast cancer treatments. He boasts about suing the agency he’s been picked to run—claiming that the EPA has an “activist agenda.” The New York Times called Pruitt “an enemy of the EPA.”
  • He is pro-industry and specifically seeks to expand fracking and dangerous drilling, which relies on toxic chemicals, including known human carcinogens. He helped form an “unprecedented, secretive alliance” between attorney generals and oil and gas industries to work against the EPA. Through this alliance, he submitted a letter—written by a fracking corporation itself!—to the Obama administration opposing fracking regulations on federal land. Pruitt has personally accepted over $300,000 in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry.
  • He hasn’t been transparent about these industry ties and was even sued last week after refusing to disclose his email exchanges with them. Today, the media has reported that at least 15 companies with financial ties to Scott Pruitt have violated hundreds of EPA regulations.
  • He is anti-science. He has been a vocal denier of climate change, and has even called it a hoax. Protecting public health from toxic chemicals requires being able to objectively evaluate scientific evidence—and his record on climate change shows he will put his personal politics before science.
We need an EPA administrator who is going to protect us from being exposed to chemicals linked to breast cancer—not work with corporations to bring the agency down!
Ultimately, Pruitt is an anti-science, corporate crony who will not work to protect women’s health. Write, Tweet, Facebook post, and call your Senators by clicking on the corresponding icons in the panel to the right, and tell them to do everything in their power to block his confirmation.

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Pruitt is unfit to protect us from chemicals in the environment that increase our risk of breast cancer. 

In addition, Pruitt faces ethical issues around his refusal to disclose his industry ties that should be addressed before a full Senate vote.

Pruitt ultimately puts corporate profit before public health. I urge [Senator’s name] to stand up for women’s health and oppose Pruitt. Thank you.