Tell SD City Council to Honor Your Right to Vote for SoccerCity SD When it Matters!

A group of self-interested developers is trying to kill SoccerCity by stealing your vote and blocking city council from calling a special election on November 7th, 2017. 

No Special Election =  No MLS = NO SOCCERCITY

You can help! Submit the form on this page TODAY to contact your city council member!

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Thank you for supporting SoccerCity SD and telling your city council member to honor your right to vote when it matters!

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Dear Council Member,

As a constituent, I wanted to let you know that we support the plan for SoccerCity.  We believe progress is important, and this proposal not only brings an MLS team to San Diego, it brings millions of tax and economic benefits to our city.  We know you're considering a special election, which is CRITICAL to this proposal's success.  We are asking you to support a special election so that we can all enjoy the benefits of SoccerCity.  Playing games with the election to kill the project is just wrong and our right to vote when it matters is important.  Thank you for your consideration.