Support a Clean Energy Future - 2050 Zero Carbon Emissions; 2030 50% Renewable Energy


Coming out of the Paris talks on climate change, we have an unprecedented opportunity to build a strong national consensus on the future of energy and the transition to a renewable energy economy in the United States in a manner that takes into account shifts in employment patterns from fossil fuels to renewable standards with an emphasis on targeted population-groups such as low-income communities, rural areas, displaced workers and veterans; increasing overall building-efficiency and cultivating a culture of resiliency to the climate impacts already taking place. 

We the undersigned fully endorse the climate resolution put forth by the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC). In order to ensure a more equitable and sustainable future in the 21st century, the following long- and short-term principles must be agreed to:

  • By January 1, 2050, achievement of zero greenhouse gas emissions nationally through domestic policies and international collaboration with the United
  • Nations and other international organizations. The United States will shift its energy supply strategy from fossil fuels to 100 percent clean, renewable energy and implement zero waste practices.
  • The United States will phase out subsidies for fossil fuels while building tax incentives that promote the growth of green jobs in the United States.
  • 50 percent of electricity will be derived from renewable sources by January 1, 2030 and double nation-wide efficiency of existing buildings from 2015 levels by January 1, 2030.
  • The development of programs and policies to transition the United States to a 21st century national infrastructure and create new green energy jobs, with particular focus on hiring people from historically unemployed or under-unemployed communities.
  • Ensure appropriate education, job training, transitional financial assistance, and employment opportunities for fossil fuel workers displaced by the transition to a renewable energy economy.
  • Prioritize veterans by ensuring retraining and re-employment in renewable energy jobs, including those returning from military service in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Increase funding for training and education programs in green energy jobs and job assistance for rural residents. Increased funding for emergency preparedness and disaster relief programs in rural areas impacted by climate change.
  • Support trade policies that maintain American labor and environmental standards.
  • Make it a priority to prepare people of the United States to withstand and recover from current and future effects of climate change.
  • Prioritize policies that capture and store carbon currently in the atmosphere through forest protection, better land and agricultural practices, and green landscaping.
  • Ensure universal, affordable access to clean energy for everyone with an emphasis on moderate and low-income families.

4730 Signatures

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Tracy W. San Diego, CA
Tanya P. Fort Collins, CO
karen d. Asheville, NC
Bonnie G. Asheville, NC
Bathsheba R. Jacksonville, FL
Lynn G. Menlo Park, CA
Veronika P. Interlochen, MI
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cindy j. Thorndale, TX
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