Tell the EPA "Don't Censor Science!"

Before Scott Pruitt was forced to resign as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), he proposed a rule that would radically limit the EPA’s ability to use the best science to protect public health and the environment. 
Now it's time to make sure the bad rule he left behind gets the boot, too.
The rule Pruitt left behind put limits on the science that can be used when the EPA evaluates the health effects of a pollutant or chemical. It would require studies to make raw data publicly available—including identifiable health and medical records that are protected by HIPPA laws—otherwise the EPA can't use them in their decision making. It’s being called the “Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science” rule but it’s nothing more than a thinly-veiled give away to big polluters.
Restricting the EPA’s ability to use the best available science and public health research in rule-making will weaken public health and environmental protections, which will result in more people being diagnosed with breast cancer and other diseases. 
The EPA plays an essential role in protecting the public from involuntary environmental exposures to harmful chemicals and the agency should use the best available science to ensure evidence-based rule making that protects public health.

Tell the EPA to abandon the proposed rule and restore the agency’s ability to use the best available science to prevent cancer. 


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As someone [explain how you’ve been affected by access to experimental drugs or why you care drug and patient safety], I do not support Right to Try bill S.204. This misleading legislation offers nothing other than false hope to patients and their families and would harm patient and drug safety by removing FDA oversight and any medical, legal, or financial protections for patients.

I urge [Representative's name] to oppose Right to Try. Thank you.