Transparency Now!

HB 4005 has passed both houses!

HB 4005 has passed through the Oregon legislature with a super majority. Many lawmakers from both parties supported this bill. This wouldn't have happened if hundreds of people like you hadn't contacted their lawmakers calling for support on HB 4005.

This bill requires drug companies to finally come clean about what goes into setting drug prices when they want to increase them 10% or more a year. How much goes to marketing? Are there generics available? They will have will have to report all that and more and we will finally get some real transparency. 

Please take a moment to thank your lawmaker if they voted yes on HB 4005. 

Contact your lawmakers TODAY! 

You can read HB 4005 for yourself here.

Please thank your state lawmakers for voting YES on HB 4005.


Thanks to Oregonians like you, HB 4005 for prescription drug price transparency passed the full state legislature. We appreciate your support!