Transparency Now!

Message for lawmakers: Stand up against the poweful drug industry.

Drug prices keep skyrocketing. Too many Oregonians are left struggling to find ways for them to afford medications. No wonder 80% of Oregonians say prescription drug prices are too high.

In Oregon a coalition of patients, providers, consumer groups, health care advocates and others are working together to hold drug companies accountable. We are supporting HB 4005, for drug price transparency. 

Contact your lawmaker today and make your voice heard! 

You can read HB 4005 for yourself here.

Lawmakers need to hear from you! See the letter below and personalize it before you hit "send." They will get it right away!


The pharmaceutical lobby is powerful. We need more peole like you to contact their lawmakers in suport of HB 4005 for drug price tranparency. 

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