For four years Ahjah's mom has been seeking an investigation, autopsy photos and video of her daughter's death at the hands of the Texas Police

Before Sandra Bland, there was Ajhah Dixon. Ahjah Dixon, a former student at Navarro Community College in Corsicana, Texas was killed while in police custody at the Corsicana Justice Center under suspicious circumstances similar to Sandra Bland.  For four years Ahjah’s family has been fighting to learn how and why she died; they have been denied video footage of Ahjah while in custody moments before her death.

An autopsy report revealed that Ahjah had been beaten, with bruises and contusions, which were described as a lacerated lip, bruises on her upper and lower torso, face and many other parts of her body, which cannot be explained and have never been addressed by law enforcement. 

Ahjaj's mother, Isthyme Robinson, has petitioned the Dallas Corner’s office for autopsy pictures and video footage which would reveal the nature of her body at the time of her death. Her requests have been ignored. The Department of Justice is the last recourse

"Having lost two children to police brutality has been a long walk of loneliness, alienation coupled with grief, indescribable pain, too intense to describe in any words in the human language.  After four years, no action has been taken by the Justice Department regarding my request.

There is only one thing in the world worse than the loss of your own child and that is the lack of justice for such unthinkable loss."

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Attorney General Lynch, Investigate the Death of Black and Brown Victims in Police Custody Including Ahjah Dixon

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