Tell WA State legislator YES for healthy families!

Kids do better when their parents do better. 

When parents and loved ones are chronically or critically ill, or die young because of inadequate health care, children suffer. For Pacific Islander kids whose families come from nations with Compacts of Free Association (COFA) with the United States, the scales are tilted unfairly toward this suffering.

Three nations (the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Republic of Palau, and Federated States of Micronesia) have Compacts of Free Association with the United States. The Compacts provide the United States strategic military access to the region. Residents of COFA nations can live and work in the U.S., and pay taxes and serve in the U.S. military. But since 1996 they have been denied equal access to basic supports like Medicaid and food stamps.

House Bill 1291 will establish a program to provide premium assistance to Washingtonians from COFA nations. It will help adults who would otherwise be eligible for Medicaid to purchase health insurance through Washington's health benefit exchange.

This bill will help more kids have happy, healthy lives.

Tell your WA State Legislator to vote YES for SHB 1291!

Ba nan ri-kwelok eo am ilo Washington State Legislature bwe en kelete YET (YES) nan SHB 1291!!

Ne jinier im jemeir rej naninmij ak mij wot ke rej drik, konke ejabwe im ejelok aer kein takto,im bareinwot ajri rein rej jab eman aer mour im rej nanginmij im mij. Nan ajri in Pacific Islands rein im pamle kein aer rej itok jen lal kein redik im eor aer Bujen Jemjera iben Kien eo an United States. COFA Migrants ejab emanlok aer mour bwe kinke waween jiban kein an United States nan err, rej jab emanlok ak rej nanalok.

Lal kein jilu, Kien eo an Marshall Islands, Kien eo an Palau im Kien eo an Federated State ko an Micronesia, eor aer Bujen Jemjera (Compact of Free Association ) iben United States, Ilo Kon im Karok kein rej lelok maron in bwe United States en maron in kajutok an jikin kemelmel ak Base ko kin kein tarine ko an, im bareinwot United States ej lelok melim in bwe ri-Majol, ri-Palau im ri-Micronesia ren maron in jokwe, jerbal im jikuul ilo United States, kolla owoj ko im maron in delon im join e raan jikin tarine ko an United States. Ak elkin 1996, Kien eo an United States ear kabojrake maron im melim in nan armij in Majol, Palau im armij in ri-Micronesia ikijien kein jiban kein, Mediciad ak card in takto eo im jiban kin mona ak Food Stamps.

Ilo jikin kwelok eo ak Nitijella eo an (Washington State Legislature) ikijien House Bill 1291 enaj komman juon pirokram ak karok bwe en wor jiban ikijien wonen an armij in Majol, Palau, im Micronesia  card in takto jen kien eo an Washington State Legislature.

Kakien in enaj jiban elon ajri ro bwe ren monon im ejmourur.

Ba nan ri-kwelok eo am ilo Washington State Legislature bwe en kelete YET (YES) nan SHB 1291!!

Kommool kin am bok kunam.

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Drawing and message by Ani. Age 9.