The Senate will soon vote on Tom Price to lead the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) and Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protections Agency (EPA). 

These nominees are a threat to women living with and at risk of breast cancer.

Tom Price opposes the Affordable Care Act, which provides healthcare coverage to millions. His proposed replacement plan would reduce access to healthcare and coverage for cancer patients. 

Scott Pruitt has consistently attacked—and even sued!—the EPA, whose job it is to protect us from toxic chemicals linked to breast cancer.

So while Price threatens women's access to breast cancer treatment, Pruitt could increase the number of women who need that treatment. 

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Hello, my name is [your name] and I am a constituent of [Senator’s name]. I am calling to urge [Senator’s name] to do everything in their power to block Scott Pruitt from leading the Environmental Protection Agency.

As someone [explain how you’ve been affected by breast cancer or why you are concerned about breast cancer], cancer prevention is very important to me.

Pruitt is unfit to protect us from chemicals in the environment that increase our risk of breast cancer. 

In addition, Pruitt faces ethical issues around his refusal to disclose his industry ties that should be addressed before a full Senate vote.

Pruitt ultimately puts corporate profit before public health. I urge [Senator’s name] to stand up for women’s health and oppose Pruitt. Thank you.