Do you want Congress to work better for you?


Today, less than 2% of the bills originating in the House of Representatives become law.  A remarkable 79% of Americans believe the political debate in the U.S. is “overheated and dangerous.” Another 54% of Americans also want political leaders in Washington to work together.

It’s no secret that our Congress needs help – and when our governing process fails to function, reform is necessary.


We propose the creation of a Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress to bring about transformational changes, and in-turn, to renew the American people’s faith in their congressional leaders.

This bipartisan committee will be charged with finding solutions that will make Congress work, and creating a pathway for their final consideration by Congress and, when appropriate, the President.

Congress has already started to take a step towards reform by establishing the Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform to deal with a critical and chronic problem: the failure to adopt a budget for the government each year and appropriate the money to fund it.  The creation of the committee was a big step toward reforming Congress, but much more needs to be done and will take a more concerted effort and political resolve to fix our legislative branch.   That is why it is critical to build on this budget reform committee by next establishing a complementary effort with a broader mission and the political muscle to achieve change.

We believe this fundamental overhaul is necessary to make Congress as a whole more accountable to the American people. We’ll bring Congress together, closely examine the way it works, and make vital changes to propel our nation forward.


Join the effort to reform Congress and create a system that works. Tell your representatives in Washington to take action now!


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