Nuclear Bailouts Will Increase Your Electricity Bills. Take Action Today

Despite Exelon officially announcing the closure of Three Mile Island (TMI), this fight to keep profitable corporations from increasing your electricity costs is not over.

Pennsylvanians already have said no to legislation that would have made you pay at least half a billion dollars in higher electricity bills EVERY YEAR, yet profitable nuclear corporations are refusing to take no for an answer. 

Exelon, FirstEnergy Solutions and Talen Energy are projected to make more than $800 million in profits in 2018 and 2019 in Pennsylvania, yet they are still demanding more of your hard-earned dollars! 

Sign up to send this petition to your legislators today to stand up for ALL Pennsylvanians by saying NO to a nuclear cash grab.

There are talks in the halls of Pennsylvania’s Capital that these profitable corporations may attempt to sneak nuclear bailout provisions into the state budget process — with zero transparency — bypassing the legislative process.

Transformational, harmful policies that would significantly increase electricity prices, eliminate consumer choice and fundamentally change the way Pennsylvania’s competitive energy markets operate should not be determined by backroom political deals. 

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To make matters worse, you would be paying more for electricity just to pad the profits of three already profitable nuclear corporations — Exelon, FirstEnergy Solutions and Talen Energy.

In fact, in February, Exelon Corp. President and CEO Chris Crane touted 2018’s financial results as “another record-breaking year for Exelon, with our utility and generation businesses demonstrating best-ever performances in multiple categories.”

With those results, why should you pay even more for your electricity?

Legislative proposals to date have called for adding nuclear power generation to clean energy programs, including the state’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard. AEPS was intended to advance the development of new and innovative technology, not to increase revenues for nuclear operators that are already profitable in the current market structure.

Nuclear power generation is not as clean as the industry claims, and it does not produce renewable energy.

Nuclear proponents don’t take into account the negative environmental impacts of the entire life cycle of generating nuclear power. The United States lacks a plan or location to store spent fuel, meaning radioactive waste is stored on-site at Pennsylvania’s five nuclear facilities, including 650 metric tons at Three Mile Island alone.

Also, nuclear power generation relies largely on imported uranium from foreign interests, including Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and leaves a generational legacy of nuclear waste.

This is nothing more than greed disguised as green. You shouldn’t pay more for your electricity to pad the profits of nuclear executives and shareholders.

Write your legislators today, and tell them to stand up against a nuclear cash grab.


Citizens Against Nuclear Bailouts is a coalition of Pennsylvania citizen groups, associations, businesses and industry leaders who stand united to oppose this bailout. Members include AARP, Americans for Prosperity, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, Industrial Energy Consumers of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association, the National Federation of Independent Business Pennsylvania, electric power generators and many others.


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Sign up and send this petition to your legislators today to stand up for ALL Pennsylvanians by saying NO to a nuclear bailout!


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