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Tell the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to Issue Permits for Construction

The Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline, bringing natural gas from northeast Pennsylvania to interconnect with a mainline interstate network in southeastern Pennsylvania, has been fully approved at the federal level. However, construction cannot begin until the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) issues permits for waterway/wetlands crossings along its path.

Whether or not you anticipate participating in this pipeline's construction, your support is important because (1) industry must counter opponents of fossil fuels targeting it, as they have other major pipeline projects, to "keep it in the ground", and (2) the pipeline will enable a significant increase in natural gas drilling and production activities in the Marcellus, which also drives significant business activity throughout the country in the supply chain.

PA DEP is now accepting comments from stakeholders supporting or opposing this project. The deadline for comments is close of business Monday, June 26.

Thanks for your activism in support of clean, abundant and affordable energy from shale!
Patrick McDonnell, Secretary Department of Environmental Protection
Rachel Carson State Office Building
400 Market Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Dear Secretary McDonnell, 
I am writing to urge the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to approve the Chapter 102 and 105 permits for the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline project without delay.

I am part of a community of workers stretching across the entire United States of America that builds natural gas infrastructure, including skilled workers in professional, administrative and construction trades. 

This pipeline’s construction, and the production of natural gas it will make possible, will support workers’ jobs, their families and communities throughout the region. Those jobs pay well, and in fact this project will put one-quarter billion dollars into the family budgets of the people building it. And that money will in turn be spent in the communities where the workers and their families live, supporting many others’ incomes.

As the new supplies of natural gas made possible by this pipeline are used to generate power from this clean-burning fuel, Pennsylvania’s and America’s greenhouse gas emissions from power generation will continue to decline, providing health and climate benefits to citizens of the state and region.

The Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline’s owner, and the construction, equipment and material supply companies building it, are committed to best management practices ensuring the land and environment the pipeline passes through will carefully protected and restored to its pre-construction condition.

For these very important reasons, we urge your expeditious approval of these permits so construction can begin as soon as possible.

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