Take Action to Support the Atlantic Coast Pipeline!

EnergyBuilders is calling for workers, business owners and community members who support the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) project to send letters to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) recommending approval of water-related permits needed to build the pipeline. The project’s approval and subsequent construction depends on a strong showing by supporters.

The ACP, a 600-mile natural gas pipeline originating in northern West Virginia and travelling through Virginia and North Carolina, is projected to be a $5 billion project that will create thousands of jobs in construction, equipment, materials and services from contractors and suppliers throughout the region during 2017 and through 2019.

The Department is holding public hearings in early August and is accepting written comments through August 22nd. Please provide the required information on this form to ensure your statement is properly submitted.

The project’s approval and construction depends on strong support from the energy supply chain. Please help grow support by forwarding a link to this page to others in the EnergyBuilder’s community!

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