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Oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports generate significant economic benefits to the state of Texas. 

Now the Port of Corpus Christi is proposing an expansion project that will deepen and widen the ship channel, which will allow for larger exports of Texas produced oil and natural gas around the world. Sign the petition if you support expanding the Port of Corpus Christi


The Port of Corpus Christi is quickly becoming a major hub for U.S. crude oil exports. The expansion project would allow large carriers with a capacity of upward of 2 million barrels to enter and exit the port. This expansion will also benefit the planned Corpus Christi LNG facility, as access for larger LNG vessels means more Texas natural gas can reach our trading partners around the world.

Once this project is complete, more oil and gas will be able to be shipped abroad from the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford shales, helping to boost local economies and the Texas economy as a whole. 

Add your name to the petition and support the Corpus Christi Port Expansion.

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