Protect Your Ability to Fly!

Dear Drone Enthusiasts,

Thanks to you, Transport Canada received almost 700 submissions in response to the draft drone rules! They are now working on the final rules and Transport Minister Marc Garneau will soon decide whether to make the changes that the drone community asked for.

You can help ensure that Minister Garneau is aware of how important these changes are, by writing to him and your Member of Parliament. You can write to Minister Garneau at and you can find contact information for your local MP by entering your postal code here and clicking on the “Find MP” button.

A few tips for contacting the minister and your MP:

  • Be polite – the government looks like they’re taking your concerns seriously, so what we are trying to do here is thank them for being responsive and encourage them to follow through
  • Say that you are contacting them about the proposed drone regulations.
  • Tell them that you are urging them to modify the draft regulations to make them more reasonable.
  • You may want to emphasize one or two issues of greatest concern to you like the requirement that drone users have $100,000 in liability insurance, the lumping together of commercial and recreational users for regulation, or the excessively-large exclusion area around airports.

Thank you again for your concern. We’re glad to be working together.

The Network of Drone Enthusiasts

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