We must end abuse of the Endangered Species Act from extreme anti-energy groups!

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) plays an important role in conserving and protecting species. Unfortunately, it’s outdated and too often abused by activist groups to shut down oil and natural gas production, with little to no benefit to species or their habitats.

We must end ESA abuse to ensure the focus remains on species recovery instead of advancing an extreme “Keep It In The Ground” agenda.


Oil and natural gas operators in Texas continue to support efforts to protect at-risk while also implementing mitigation measures to avoid impacts to species and their habitats. The proactive coordination across industry, landowners, states, and federal officials proves that it’s possible to protect species while allowing for the continued, responsible development of oil and natural gas resources.

Add your name if you believe the ESA should be reformed to prevent abuse!

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Tell Congress that we need to strengthen and update the Endangered Species Act.

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