10 Sec. Action: #WaterIsLife Stop The Devastation Of The Sioux Tribe's Standing Rock Reservation

Email and Tweet your Federal Senators and President Obama. We need to hold our elected officials accountable on this issue of the Dakota Access Pipeline. We need to stand united and support the Sioux's Reservation at Standing Rock.

Protect our shared sacred waters and lands by uniting to repeal the approval of this dangerous fracked oil pipeline through the Midwest! #WaterIsLife

Please share this campaign with friends and family! To further support the good fight, please help fund their critical legal team by tapping here.


Unite Against the Dakota Access Pipeline! (#NoDAPL) Use the Action Tools Below to Protect our Shared Waters and Sacred Lands from this dangerous fracked oil pipeline! #WaterIsLife


Thank you for Standing with the Native American Tribes united against this devastating pipeline that would destroy ways of life and precious water resources.