Take Action: Stand up for Our Florida Neighborhoods!

Our neighborhoods are not only the place where communities thrive, children grow up, and families prosper – our neighborhoods are our homes. 
Senate Bill 1128 sponsored by Senator Manny Diaz, Jr. would stop local governments from enacting laws to protect neighborhoods from the negative impacts of vacation rentals. We are standing up to tell Florida lawmakers to vote NO on S.B. 1128.

Commercial operators in Florida are taking advantage of short-term rentals for their own profit at the expense of our neighborhoods. They aren’t vested in our community. They aren’t following health and safety regulations. They aren’t even paying taxes like all other local businesses.

Our homes and my neighborhoods are important, and in order to protect them, we must speak up. We need to ask that our elected officials stand up for the places we call home.


Take action now to tell your Senator to stand up for our communities and vote NO on S.B. 1128.



Thank you for sending a letter to your Florida State Senator! Please encourage others to stand up for our neighborhoods by sharing on social media.