Tell Governor McMaster: Fire Mike Wooten!

Politicians have told us that there are no conflicts of interest on the SCDOT Commission. That is an obvious lie.

SCDOT Commissioner Mike Wooten owns an engineering firm which has millions of dollars in contracts with the same local government agencies who receive funding from and rely on good relationships with the SCDOT. Investigators at the The Nerve ("Why Is This Man Still on DOT Commission?") found his firm was a subcontractor on a deal in which SCDOT acted as a pass-through for hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding.

Nobody who profits from SCDOT decisions should serve on its Commission. That's corruption!

Wooten's term on the Commission expired three months ago. All the Governor has to do to get rid of him is to nominate someone else. Send Governor McMaster a message: It is time to fire Mike Wooten and nominate someone who doesn't profit from SCDOT decisions.

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