Tell Your Lawmakers to Hold EPA Accountable and Protect Rural America!

The EPA has recently issued unwarranted RFS small refinery “hardship” waivers to an outrageous number of refiners that are neither small nor experiencing the economic hardship that is necessary to qualify for a waiver. The irrational distribution of these waivers contradicts the intent of the RFS and exceeds far beyond what Congress had intended when they included this exemption. When used improperly, these small refinery exemptions are nothing more than a handout for already prosperous refiners that removes any incentive for them to comply with the RFS and blend renewable biofuels.

If this practice continues, it would be devastating to biofuels, American farmers, and our rural economy. Some estimate that these actions could:

  • Cut ethanol demand by 1.5 billion gallons
  • Reduce corn demand by more than 500 million bushels

EPA must immediately cease issuing these unprecedented waivers and halt any waiver applications being considered until further studies can confirm that these waivers are being granted through a transparent process that is consistent with the goals and Congressional intent of the RFS.

We need your voice and ask that you reach out to your elected officials to let them know that the manner in which the EPA is administering these waivers is unreasonable, disingenuous, and guts the RFS.


Do not let the EPA undermine and gut the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Stand up for homegrown, renewable biofuels today!


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