Take Action Now to Support Protections for Single-Sex Organizations!

Single-sex organizations, like sororities and fraternities, create a unique community of support on college campuses—a strong network unlike anything else available today. They are the one place, where through a shared experience, young men or women can enjoy a sense of belonging, confidence and personal development.  

For today’s college students, single-sex organizations are more important than ever as we seek to develop empowered women and men of character. 

Yet, a student’s first amendment right to freely associate with single-sex organizations has recently come under threat. It is becoming increasingly common for higher education institutions to propose policies aimed at forcing single-sex organizations to become co-ed or to impose other membership policies that would violate a student’s right to freely associate with organizations of their choice. 

For the first time in a decade, Congress is working to reauthorize critical higher education legislation. We must grasp this crucial moment to protect opportunities for students today and in the future. Act now to preserve the fraternity and sorority experience! Tell Congress to include critical protections for single-sex organizations in the 2018 Higher Education Act.

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  1. Who you are…
    • I am a member of [ORG NAME], [and if you are a student] at [COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY].
  2. Why you are calling…
    • I strongly urge you to support the inclusion of language in the Higher Education Act that would protect college students’ First Amendment rights to join single-sex organizations, like a sorority or fraternity. 
    • This issue matters greatly to the more than 1 million college students and millions of alumni, who are members of fraternities and sororities and value this unique experience. 
  3. Value Proposition…
    • Single-sex organizations create a unique community of support. They are the one place on a college campus, where through a shared experience, young men or young women can enjoy a sense of belonging, empowerment, and personal development.
  4. Wrap-up…
    • Again, please let [LAWMAKER’S NAME] know that as a passionate member of [ORGANIZATION NAME] [SORORITY/FRATERNITY], I am seeking his visible support the inclusion of language in the Higher Education Act to include protections for single-sex organizations for people like me.
    • Thank you.