Help Protect Access to Care for NJ Patients - Please consider contacting Your NJ State Legislator Today.

The New Jersey General Assembly is considering a proposal that would place burdensome new requirements on the referral and transfer of patients from NJ facilities to out-of-state hospitals. This legislation could harm patients’ ability to access potentially lifesaving, specialized health care services in a timely manner.

Please consider contacting your state legislator today and asking them to preserve patients’ access to quality medical care.

Assembly Bill 5369/Senate Bill 3816 would require a health care provider to navigate a complicated set of administrative hurdles before transferring a patient to an out-of-state hospital for care.

New Jersey families experiencing extraordinary health care circumstances should have access to the most appropriate care possible regardless of the location of the hospital. In a crisis, critical care teams should be focused on the best treatment options for their patients — and this proposed legislation would create needless barriers to timely and potentially lifesaving care.

Please consider contacting your legislator and asking them to vote NO on A-5369/S-3816 as currently written.


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