Nuclear Bailouts Will Increase Your Electricity Bills. Take Action Today

Pennsylvania has one of the most competitive energy markets in the country, benefiting consumers across the commonwealth. However, the nuclear industry — owned and operated by corporations such as Illinois-based Exelon — is calling on YOUR state legislators to enact a ratepayer-funded bailout that will increase consumer electricity prices.



Citizens Against Nuclear Bailouts is a coalition of Pennsylvania citizen groups, associations, businesses and industry leaders who stand united to oppose this bailout. Members include AARP, Americans for Prosperity, Taxpayer Protection Alliance, Industrial Energy Consumers of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association, the National Federation of Independent Businesses Pennsylvania, electric power generators and many others.   

Why should you stand with us?
 The funding for nuclear bailouts will come from the pockets of Pennsylvania ratepayers, including seniors and job-creating businesses. Pennsylvania ratepayers should not have to take on the burden of higher electricity prices because the nuclear industry has made bad business decisions over the past two decades. The struggles of the nuclear industry are a direct result of its failure to adapt to changing market conditions after the nuclear industry received nearly $9 billion from ratepayers for the purpose of transitioning to a competitive electricity market in Pennsylvania. 

The free-market system has thrived on competition, which has driven down energy costs for ALL consumers. The nuclear industry wants to change that in the name of more profits.  

It’s up to you, the citizens of Pennsylvania, to stand up and say NO to a bailout of the nuclear industry — an industry that has posted record profits, well above those forecasted, the past 20 years.   

Sign up and send this petition to a legislator today to stand up for ALL Pennsylvanians by saying NO to a nuclear bailout! 

Sign up and send this petition to your legislators today to stand up for ALL Pennsylvanians by saying NO to a nuclear bailout!


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