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Black Minds Matter

Welcome to the movement to transform how we support Black families in America. 

A public school receives roughly $15,000 for every Black student who comes through its doors. 

BUT, Only 15 out of 100 Black students nationwide are proficient in reading. High school graduation rates for Black students continue to lag behind their white peers, and studies show that 70% of Black males without a high school diploma will end up in prison. 

It’s time to demand better.

  • We MUST collapse the chasm of achievement between Black students and their white peers in our K-12 education system. 
  • We DESERVE K-12 education options beyond the singular one the government assigns.
  • We should NO LONGER tolerate a system that has promoted mediocrity at best, and generational devastation at worst. 

As parents, WE deserve control of the per-pupil education funding (roughly $15,000 per school year) to educate OUR children how we see fit. 

Thank you for joining!