Support AB 1250, Privatization Standards: Protect Taxpayers, Workers, and the Public

Private companies shouldn’t be allowed to get rich off of taxpayers without accountability. AB 1250 will protect taxpayers, the public, and workers by establishing strong standards for when counties contract out — from ambulance and emergency services, to protection of foster children, and mental health care.

All of these are standards that the State of California has abided by for 35 years. At the heart of this bill are the reasonable standards already in place for state agencies, school districts, community colleges and libraries. Standards that create basic good government practices in relation to contracts for these public agencies. That’s why it's perplexing that the counties are fighting so hard to be exempted from these SAME STANDARDS.

There are huge problems with the way counties contract out services now. Companies who contract for the county often entice local governments with contract bids that look like they’ll save money, only to jack up the prices with “change orders” as soon as the deal is in place. These secretive deals also fail to hold private contractors accountable for getting the job done safely. 

SIGN-ON and Tell your legislator to vote YES on AB 1250, and to protect our community services – and our tax dollars.

"AB 1250 is common-sense legislation that will hold counties and private contractors accountable to the public. Please Vote YES on AB 1250"

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